Configure a given VirusTotal Monitor item (file or folder)

Is possible to set some file information/metadata into a MonitorItem by setting its details attribute, this information will be shared with Monitor Partners and should be used to give more context to them about the file in case of false positive. Folders does not support details.

import requests

item_id = '<item-id>'

url = "" % item_id
data = {'data': {
        'id': item_id,
        'type': 'monitoritem',
        'attributes': {
            'details': 'This is file metadata.'

response = requests.request("PATCH", url, data=json.dumps(data))
 "data": {
  "attributes": {
   "size": 49676, 
   "sha1": "892392d4f28b2dbe8ae45115a38c079dbcb14e18", 
   "first_detection_date": 1504175079, 
   "sha256": "cb9f9c1b271daa19fc78138dfd9d37686b1edb35e381f205c0b59911d8a004e1", 
   "next_analysis_date": 1504781041, 
   "last_detections_count": 1, 
   "last_analysis_date": 1504694733, 
   "tags": [
   "creation_date": 1504174971, 
   "item_type": "file", 
   "creator_id": "fsantos", 
   "last_analysis_results": {
    "[ENGINE-NAME]": {
     "category": "undetected", 
     "engine_name": "[ENGINE-NAME]", 
     "engine_version": "", 
     "result": null, 
     "method": "blacklist", 
     "engine_update": "20170906"
   "details": "This is the metadata.", 
   "path": "/test/tac.exe", 
   "md5": "02c526e8efd42a1f57a75aa203cfb27f"
  "type": "monitoritem", 
  "id": "[MONITOR-ID]"
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