These docs are for v2.0. Click to read the latest docs for v3.0.

Get comments for a file or URL

 'response_code': 1,
 'verbose_msg': 'Resource found, comments, if any, returned here',
 'resource': '13166fc9de263ee2c676430ae88e65040e10761c90e79347a2684476bc60e622',
 'comments': [
    'date': '20120404132340',
    'comment': '[b]Bot Communication Details:[\/b]\nServer DNS Name:
                   Service Port: 80\nDirection Command User-Agent Host Connection
                   Pragma\nGET \/?0b72ab=huTK4N7k6G9718ze0NLa5%2BnM1NaHx9fXtqfeyr
                   [... continues ...]'
    'date': '20120404132122',
    'comment': '#fakeAV'
    'date': '20120404131639',
    'comment': 'GET \/ury1007_8085.php?il41225lo=jeWqkqWocs3h1NDHi6Lcx56mlaqol
                   pR1otCs5sbUyXPcz8aS HTTP\/1.1\nAccept: image\/gif, image\/jpeg
                   , image\/pjpeg, image\/pjpeg, application\/x-shockwave-flash,
                   application\/, application\/,
                   [... continues ...]'

The server answers with the comments sorted in descending order according to their date. Please note that it will only answer back with at most 25 comments. If the answer contains less than 25 comments it means that there are no more comments for that item. On the other hand, if 25 comments were returned you can keep issuing further calls making use of the optional before parameter, this parameter should be fixed to the oldest (last in the list) comment's date token, exactly in the same format that was returned by your previous API call (e.g. 20120404132340).

If there were any comments the response code will be 1, and 0 if otherwise. Please note that comments may have bbcode formatting tags in them.

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