These docs are for v2.0. Click to read the latest docs for v3.0.

Retrieve URL scan reports

The resource argument must be the URL for which you want to retrieve the most recent report. You may also specify a scan_id returned by the /url/scan endpoint to access a specific report.

If the allinfo argument is set to true additional information other than the URL scanning engines results is returned. VirusTotal related metadata (first seen date, last seen date, files downloaded from the given URL, etc.) and the output of other tools and datasets when fed with the URL.

 'response_code': 1,
 'verbose_msg': 'Scan finished, scan information embedded in this object',
 'scan_id': ' OGZmYjYxYjUxYWI0YTdhM2ViZWI5Zjc2MTE5ZTRiODE6MTY3ODM0ODYyNA==',
 'permalink': '',
 'url': '',
 'scan_date': '2014-01-23 09:03:02',
 'filescan_id': null,
 'positives': 0,
 'total': 51,
 'scans': {
    'CLEAN MX': {
      'detected': false, 
      'result': 'clean site'
    'MalwarePatrol': {
      'detected': false, 
      'result': 'clean site'
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