These docs are for v2.0. Click to read the latest docs for v3.0.

Retrieve behaviour report



This is a old endpoint which only has Windows XP data. It is recommended to migrate to API V3 sandbox reports Which have multiple sandboxes operated by VirusTotal and partners


Private API

This endpoint is available in the Private API only.

VirusTotal runs a distributed setup of Cuckoo sandbox machines that execute the files we receive. Execution is attempted only once, upon first submission to VirusTotal, and only Portable Executables under 10MB in size are ran. The execution of files is a best effort process, hence, there are no guarantees about a report being generated for a given file in our dataset.

If a file did indeed produce a behavioral report, a summary of it can be obtained by using the /file/report endpoint providing the additional parameter allinfo=true. The summary will appear under the behaviour-v1 property of the additional_info field in the JSON report.

This API allows you to retrieve the full JSON report of the file's execution as returned by the Cuckoo JSON report encoder.

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