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Search for files


Private API

This endpoint is available in the Private API only.

In addition to retrieving information on a particular file, VirusTotal allows you search for files matching certain properties. For example, this functionality enables you to retrieve all those files marked by at least one antivirus vendor as Zbot, or all those files that have a size under 90KB and are detected by at least 10 antivirus solutions, or all those PDF files that have an invalid XREF section, etc.

This API is equivalent to VirusTotal Intelligence advanced searches. A very wide variety of search modifiers are available, including: file size, file type, first submission date to VirusTotal, last submission date to VirusTotal, number of positives, dynamic behavioural properties, binary content, submission file name, and a very long etcetera. The full list of search modifiers allowed for file search queries is documented at

On each request you will get at most 300 files matching the query. You can get the next 300 files by passing the offset received in the previous query as an argument to the next query. In those cases the query argument most be identical to the one passed to the previous request.

The returned files are sorted according to their submission date, in descending order.

 'response_code': 1,
 'offset': 'RmFsc2U6Q3ZrRkN1b0RDc1lEX...KdWVtcHpJeHA3TXk4M0h6OHpMbmN2X0FBRF',
 'hashes': [
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