These docs are for v2.0. Click to read the latest docs for v3.0.

Upload and scan a file

This endpoint allows you to send a file for scanning with VirusTotal. Before performing your submissions we encourage you to retrieve the latest report on the file, if it is recent enough you might want to save time and bandwidth by making use of it. File size limit is 32MB, in order to submit files up to 200MB in size you must request a special upload URL using the /file/scan/upload_url endpoint.

 'permalink': '',
 'resource': 'd140c244ef892e59c7f68bd0c6f74bb711032563e2a12fa9dda5b760daecd556',
 'response_code': 1,
 'scan_id': ' OGZmYjYxYjUxYWI0YTdhM2ViZWI5Zjc2MTE5ZTRiODE6MTY3ODM0ODYyNA==',
 'verbose_msg': 'Scan request successfully queued, come back later for the report',
 'sha256': 'd140c244ef892e59c7f68bd0c6f74bb711032563e2a12fa9dda5b760daecd556'
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