Batch file downloads

VirusTotal Intelligence's web interface allows you to download packages of files matching the first 25, 50 or 100 results of a given query. If you wish to download any other custom number, including more than 100 files, you should use one of the examples of vt-py the official Python client library for VirusTotal.

This library requires Python 3.6.0+, Python 2.x is not supported. This is because vt-py makes use of the new async/await syntax for implementing asynchronous coroutines.

The easiest and recommended way of installing vt-py is using pip:

$ pip install vt-py

Alternatively, you can get the source code directly from the GitHub and run For getting the code you can either clone the public repository:

$ git clone git://  
$ cd vt-py

Or, download the tarball for the latest release and uncompress it:

$ tar -zxvf vt-py-X.Y.Z.tar.gz  
$ cd vt-py-X.Y.Z

Once you have the code you can install it with:

$ sudo python3 install

After installing the library, you can use the script:

user@machine:~/$ python3 search\_and\_download\_topn\ --help  
usage: usage: prog [options] <intelligence\_query/local\_file\_with\_hashes>  
Allows you to download the top-n files returned by a givenVirusTotal  
Intelligence search. Example: python %prog type:"peexe" positives:5+ -n 10  
--apikey=<your api key>

positional arguments:  
  query a VirusTotal Intelligence search query.
optional arguments:  
  -h, --help show this help message and exit  
  -n NUMFILES, --numfiles NUMFILES  
                        Number of files to download  
  --apikey APIKEY Your VirusTotal API key  
  -o OUTPUT_PATH, --output-path OUTPUT_PATH  
                        The path where you want to put the files in  
  -w WORKERS, --workers WORKERS  
                        Concurrent workers for downloading files

Hence, if you wish to download the top 500 files matching the query type:"peexe" you would just have to type:

python3 search\_and\_download\_topn\ -n 500 'type:"peexe"' --apikey $VT\_API\_KEY