External behavioural engines sandboxes

VirusTotal incorporates various third party behavioural engines sandboxes to give a broad vision of indicators that can come from the different sandboxes in the market. Find below a summary of different capabilities from our current external behavioural engines sandboxes:

Commercial NameType of FilesPCAPLow Level ReportMITRE Signatures
Bitdam ATP (Bitdam)MS Office Documents, RTF, PDFNoNoNo
C2AEMSI, EXE, DLL, JAR, ZIP, RAR, PDF, MSI, Office Documents, Scripts, PHPNoNoNo
DAS-Security OrcasEXE, DLL, ZIP, RAR, Powershell, Scripts, MSI, JAR, PDFYesNoYes
Dr. Web VxCube (Dr Web)DLL, EXE, Android application (APK), scripts, powershell, MS Office Documents, PDFYesYesNo
LastLineDLL, EXE, MS Office Documents, JAR, scripts, BAT, PDFNoNoNo
Microsoft SysInternalsEXE, MZNoNoNo
NSFOCUS POMA (NSFOCUS)EXE, DLL, PDF, Scripts, MSI, MZ, Powershell, MS Office DocumentsNoYesNo
QiAnXin RedDrip (QiAnXin)EXE, DLL, ZIP, RAR, PDF, MS Office Documents, Scripts, CHMNoNoNo
ReaQta-Hive (ReaQta)EXE, DLL, MS Office Documents, ScriptsNoYesNo
Rising MOVESEXE, DLL, ZIP, MSI, MS Office Documents, ScriptsNoYesNo
Sangfor ZSand (ZSand)EXEYesNoNo
SecneurXAndroid application (APK), EXE, PDF, ZIP, MS Office Documents, Scripts, DLL, MSI, Powershell, ELFNoYesNo
SecondWrite Deep View (SecondWrite)EXE, DLL, PDF, MS Office Document, ScriptsYesYesYes
Tencent (HABO)EXE, Android applications (APK), MS Office Documents, ELF, MSINoYesNo
Venuseye (venuseye)EXE, MS Office Document, ZIP, MSI, Android application (APK), DLLNoYesNo
VMRayEXE, DLL, MS Office Documents, Scripts, PDF, MSINoNoNo
Yomi Hunter (Yoroi)EXE, Android application (APK), MS Office DocsYesYesYes

In addition to the products mentioned above, VirusTotal also includes its own in-house sandboxes and behavioural analysis products, the list can be found here.