Single Sign On Authentication

VT currently supports SSO authentication with the following services:

  • Google
  • GitHub
  • Twitter
  • Microsoft

This means, if you have an account in any of those services, you can use it at VT too!

Create a new VT account using SSO

When creating a new VT account, you can either create it in the traditional way by entering all your personal information or you can do it using SSO with any of the aforementioned services.

SSO create account form

When choosing any SSO option, you’ll be asked to introduce a username to associate with your account:

SSO create account introduce username

After clicking on “Create account”, you’ll have a fully operational VT account. No need to confirm your email address or make any additional steps.

Login to an existing account using SSO

If you already have a VT account whose email address is also associated with an account at any of our supported SSO providers, you can login with that provider at VT too.

SSO login links

When login using SSO, no 2FA is necessary. If the login at the SSO provider is successful you’ll be automatically redirected to VirusTotal’s main page.

Group SSO settings.

In the group settings page, a group administrator can choose among the different SSO providers or a custom SAML configuration:

SSO group settings

When choosing a provider all the group users will be forced to login using that provider. 

We have articles with examples of how to configure SAML with Okta or configure SAML with Ping