Search and start new investigation


You can search for entities and/or graphs using the search bar at the top of the page.

VTGraph search form

Multiple entity identifiers can be searched at the same time as far as you press the space key between each of them. You can make a search easily using the filter.

VTGraph search settings

Once you perform the search, you will be redirect to the search page where you will see:

  • Entity search result: The list of entities searched to start a new investigation.
  • Your group graphs result: The list of graphs that belongs to you our you are editor/viewer and matches the query.
  • Community graphs results: The list of public graphs that matches the query.

VTGraph search results

If you search for some entities, you can open a graph with then clicking in the button "Start new graph investigation".

  • If there is only one entity, the graph will be opened with it and will this entity will be full expanded.
  • If there are more than one entity, the playbooks modal will be prompted to let you configure the new investigation.