comment object


Object Attributes

  • attributes: data about a specific comment.
    • date: <integer> when the comment was done.
    • text: <string> comment in text.
    • html: <string> comment in html format.
    • votes: <dictionary> unweighted number of total votes from the community, divided in "harmless" and "malicious".
      • positive: <integer> number of positive votes.
      • negative: <integer> number of negative votes.
      • abuse: <integer> number of negative votes.
    • tags: <list of strings> identificative attributes.
  • id: <string> resource identifier of the comment.
  • links: contains "self", with a link to the comment itself.
  • type: <string> value is "comment", that is the object type.
  "attributes": {"date": <int:timestamp>,
                 "text": <string>,
                 "html": "<string>",
                 "votes": {
                    "positive": <int>,
                    "negative": <int>,
                    "abuse": <int>
                 "tags": ["<string>"],
  "id": "<string>",
  "links": {"self": "<string>"},
  "type": "vote"


In addition to the previously described attributes, Comment objects contain relationships with other objects in our dataset that can be retrieved as explained in the Relationships section. The available relationships are described in the following table:

RelationshipDescriptionAccessibilityReturn object type
authorAuthor of the comment.Everyone.Details of the comment's author.