Get an hourly IP address feed batch


Special privileges required

IP feeds endpoints are only available to users with a IP feeds license. Contact us for more information.

This endpoint returns a single package containing all minutely packages returned in /feeds/ip_addresses/{time} endpoint for a given hour. The returned file is a .tar.bz2 file which contains the 60 minutely feeds for that hour.

The provided time argument must be in YYYYMMDDhh format. For example, time 2021012211 returns the batches correspoding to January 21st 2021 11:00 - 11:59 UTC. You can download batches up to 7 days old, and the most recent batch has always a 2 hours lag with respect with to the current time. This means that if the current time in UTC is T you can download batch T-2h but any more recent.

Successful calls to this endpoint will return a 302 redirect response to a URL from which the final batch file will be downloaded.

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